27 scholarships, one lifelong investment

Brenda Metro
Class of 2014

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​Brenda Metro, Class of 2014, recounts the important role 27 scholarships played in her food engineering education as an undergraduate at Ohio State.

Education is truly an investment in one’s future: Degrees are earned through both academic efforts and financial investment, which award the recipient opportunities to improve their earning potential.

For me, deciding to attend college was not a difficult decision, having set my mind on becoming an engineer at an early age; but finding a way to pay for my education was a challenge.

However, through my hard work and the generosity of donors to The Ohio State University and the College of Engineering, I can proudly say that I successfully received my degree this spring.

My parents encouraged me from a young age to pursue my dreams and told me that I would have to achieve them through my own means. I knew that in order to fulfill my dream of becoming an engineer, I would have to depend on my hard work and academic pursuits to prepare myself and to earn scholarships. So, I excelled in school, competed in science and language competitions outside of school and worked a part-time to job to invest in my education.

When it was finally time to decide on which university I would attend, I had my list of criteria and budget ready to go. Ohio State was my top choice, and my financial aid package sealed the deal: I had been awarded numerous merit-based scholarships that made attending Ohio State as an out-of-state student affordable for me. This meant that I could attend the university of my choice without having to juggle the roles of full-time student and part-time employee. Further, I was rewarded for all of the hard work I had put forth during my education.

Yet I continued to receive scholarships during my four years at Ohio State. During my freshman year, I received multiple scholarships to study abroad for a summer in Dresden, Germany. Each year I earned new merit-based scholarships. My participation in extracurricular activities served as even more sources of scholarships. All of these combined made each successive year less expensive than the previous year.

Now I’ve graduated and am preparing to move on to my new job. Sure, like many of my peers, I have some student loans to repay. However, I have peace of mind knowing that my income will cover all of my living expenses and loan payments because of the scholarships I received while attending The Ohio State University. Without the 27 scholarships I received, earning my degree would have been significantly more challenging.

So, in addition to all of the letters I have sent over the years, I wish to say once more: Thank you to all of the donors who generously invested in my education and my future.

About the author

Brenda Metro
Brenda Metro
Class of 2014

Brenda, a Monroeville, Penn., native, is a Class of 2014 graduate with a degree in Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering. Her focus was in food engineering, and she plans to work in food quality management.


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