Ohio State: land of opportunity

Taylor Stepp
Class of 2014

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Spring graduate Taylor Stepp, a two-term president of Undergraduate Student Government, writes about the opportunities available at Ohio State.

The Ohio State University has exemplified one thing above all else to me: opportunity. Coming from a small Appalachian town in Ohio, I knew that college was the key to achieving my dreams. With that in mind, my choice for college was stress-free. Ohio State’s breadth and excellence was exactly what I was looking for in a school. Not only was Ohio State an institution of eminence, but it was one with a great tradition as well.

As I settled into my dorm and got ready for classes to begin, I attended Convocation, the freshman welcoming ceremony. I recall being awestruck that I was a part of something as outstanding as Ohio State. I was a Buckeye! I will never forget when TBDBITL came into St. John Arena. As soon as the band walked in, I had goosebumps. I knew I was home.

Just being a Buckeye was not the only privilege that I was afforded during my time at Ohio State. Involvement in student activities is possible here like on no other place on the planet. I was able to partake in a number of clubs, activities and organizations that have changed my life. The resources provided to students give Ohio State students the opportunity to make their college experience their own. To some that may mean starting a student organization, to others that may mean battling a serious illness through philanthropy. But whatever it is, Ohio State gives you the resources to accomplish what you set out to do.

Throughout my time at Ohio State, excellent individuals have surrounded me. From wise advisors, to inspirational faculty members and helpful connections, the Buckeye community offers the best, most valuable resource: wonderful community members. To these community members, I was not just an undergrad with sometimes-unkempt hair; I was someone that they felt invested in, and for that I am thankful. They have taught me, through their actions, the goal of paying forward.

This is what I will miss most about Ohio State: the community. The spirit of connectivity and tradition at Ohio State is something that I have not experienced elsewhere. We are bound together by a heritage of great Buckeyes who went before us and by the state that we love. We are all Buckeyes. With that name comes our Buckeye state of mind, which is unique to us. I hope to use that Buckeye state of mind to give back to my state and alma mater. But for Ohio State, my classmates and I would not have the passion to do the big things that we will inevitably do.

Commencement is the culmination of all that I have experienced at Ohio State. More importantly, like my other experiences at Ohio State, it provides opportunity. Once my class and I walk off the stage of Commencement, we will begin the next stage of our life as Buckeyes: alumni. I know that wherever I go, I will be around fellow alumni – and that is something special. Alumni of Ohio State did not just “happen” to attend the same school as one another, it is more than that. Ohio State alumni share the traditions, values and memories that bind us together for a lifetime.

On May 4, 2014, I will proudly walk across the stage of commencement not just because of the opportunities I have been given, but because of those that await me as well. 

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Taylor Stepp
Taylor Stepp
Class of 2014

Taylor is a senior graduating with a degree in Public Affairs. Taylor served two terms as the Undergraduate Student Government president at The Ohio State University.


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